Who We Are


About Us

Samovic Homes and Properties is a rapidly growing knowledge organization: an enterprise Development and people Empowerment Company.

Our Raison D’etre (the reason SAMOVIC is birthed at this time or our discovered purpose) is to lead the way in the Real Estate Sector to impact and transform the lives, to continually empower the next generation and in the process participate actively in rebuilding and industrializing our country Nigeria and Africa.

Samovic Homes and Properties is God birthed, so things are done in the Company by God’s leadings for the promoters of the Company, some of whom are involved in its day to day running, Real Estate is a calling; not just another job, the Original concept/objective in conceiving the real estate subsists continually on our front burner, it is to birth a real estate that will ‘take over’ and provide leadership in real estate in this part of the world.

Our leadership is by product, empowerment and by impact.

We’ve learnt by observation that any business whose only objective is to make money is not a good business. So we strive to add value, to make the difference, to give our customers and partners a reason for living.

Samovic Homes and Properties, in its business keeps the ‘pasture’ green continually as a result of which  the sheep would come to ‘graze’ and would even ‘lie down’. Customers and partners are met at their ‘points of needs with surpassing satisfaction.


Become the foremost and dominant real estate firm by measurable impact.


Transcending the expectation of our customers through provision of affordable land and luxurious houses to the optimal satisfaction of all stakeholders.


  • – Integrity                                   -Our word is our bond
  • – Excellence                              – Doing it right on time and in the best way
  • – Innovation & Creativity           – Ingenuity in Business
  • – Partnership                             – We believe in synergy
  • – Customer Focused